Dear students and colleagues,

Greetings to everyone and a special welcome to freshmen on the Knowledge Day. For over 77 years our Institute has been opening its hospitable doors for students on September 1. For 77 years, the teaching staff of our Institute and high-quality specialists alike have been imparting their knowledge, experience and skills to our students.

The uniqueness of ASIPCS among the other HEIs in the area of physical culture and sport guarantees the complete commitment to preparation of proficient specialists in sport pedagogy, physical rehabilitation, journalism, sport psychology and management, sport tourism and rescuing.

Many of our graduates are champions of Olympic Games, prizewinners of World and Europe Championships of various sports as well as international tournaments, highly skilled specialists in sport and sport-related areas. I hope many of the students present here today will soon join their ranks.

Take advantage of your opportunity to be part of a big sport family, become one of the sought-after specialists and drive the development of Armenian sport!

Be smart and focused on assimilating what your lecturers teach you! This is the only way to become a highly qualified specialist of physical culture and sport.

Congratulations once more on the start of the new academic year!
Good luck to everyone!